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 Rules! [Please check it]

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Rules! [Please check it] Empty
PostSubject: Rules! [Please check it]   Rules! [Please check it] Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 5:01 pm

Tuesday : Gather together @8PM GMT, we enter @8.30PM GMT
Thursday : Gather together @9PM GMT , we enter @9.30PM GMT
Saturday : Gather together @2PM GMT, we enter @2.30PM GMT

Each full run give 3 pts.

For each run you need : Food, RR item (Hi-Reraiser are really better because you don't need to equip those), Prism powder and Silent oils. Sometime we might also ask you to bring specific stuff like poison potion or TP wings, but we will make a special warning about it.


~ Level 35 part ~
Every run are focus on the priority of one or more members in the same area. To call a priority on an item, you need to have a job who can wear it level 70+. We will chain the priority during 1 week (2 runs) and after that we will change zone to another priority. The priority order will be subject to a lot of consideration, like attendance, how many people are on the same priority or if you are always there or not. Your priority will be taken in consideration only after you cumulate 30 points. When more then 1 person is on the same priority, the person with the most attendance points have the item when it drop.

~Level 15-25 part ~

We will only begin those part after most of everyone got their part level 35. The priority order will depend of attendance points and if you are always there or not.

After you completed your priority with the 3 parts, you will lose 30 points from your attendance points and you will be able to call a second priority. When you will cumulate again 30 points you can attend again the priority order, but you will only get item after people got their first priority.

Attendance lot

When farming in any salvage area, if we drop an item you really want, you can AL it when it drop only if you have a job 70+ who can wear it. This item will not be won in lottery but with your current attendance points. The one who got the most attendance points win it and pay the amount of point for each different kind of item. Part lvl 35 cost 15 points to AL, part lvl 25 cost 10 to AL and part lvl 15 cost 5 points to AL.

Others items

If during the farming we got an item level 15-25-35 that no one have as priority or want to AL, you can lot it for 3 points. Drops are never free, it will always cost minimum 3 points.
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Rules! [Please check it]
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