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 Rules Update! 29/08/08

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Rules Update! 29/08/08 Empty
PostSubject: Rules Update! 29/08/08   Rules Update! 29/08/08 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2008 2:35 pm

After some runs, me and Cannelle noticed that some rules were not good enough. We would like to modify two things, to make system and drops more flexible and accessible.

First of all, we would like to add the possibility to change priority to another. If you want to do so, you must warn me or Cannelle, we will remove 15 points from your current attendance points for the possible runs we could have done for you. You can only change priority before you get your part lvl 35, if you have this part, you need to complete this one before you can begin a new priority.

Also, we would like to raise the amount of points for AL lot and Free lot. After all runs we have made already, we noticed that things drops not that much frequently. We also realized that the difference of points between some members is so huge, that it will not give to everyone the same chance to get others items possibly drops during our run. So we would like to raise AL lot for part lvl 35 to 15 points, for part lvl 25 to 10 points, and for part lvl 15 to 5 points. Like this, someone who AL all 3 parts, will pay 30 points like if it was a priority. The amount of points for free lot items will also increase to 3 points per item and this apply to any kind of part (15-25-35).

This rules update apply from now on but we can discuss it Saturday before the run if you have any questions for example, but as I said already, we only want to improve rules and give to everyone more chance to get items!
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Rules Update! 29/08/08
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